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Notebook and Pen

Weslea Anna Pierson

- Author - Speaker - Minister -


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Weslea Pierson has been a full-time missionary since 2005. She has lived and served in NYC, Brazil and Haiti with those who are homeless, addicts, women who prostitute themselves and street children. She and her husband Thomas Pierson are part of Life Alliance, a network of leaders who serve to reach the lost, plant churches and equip leaders for the work of the Gospel. The Pierson's heart is to live among and serve the least of these and to see many in the church free from old mindsets that hinder love.


Video Series

Do you know what it means to be a child of God? Have you struggled in your understanding of what is often called “the orphan spirit”? How does it function? What does it look like? In this series, Weslea lays out a teaching on how to recognize when we are in fact living and acting as orphans. She uses many stories from her work with street kids in Brazil and Haiti, relating it to her own personal experiences of living like a spiritual orphan. Join her in the conversation and begin to understand your own orphan mentality, embracing the journey to freedom from these old mindsets.



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The Orphan Mentality

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Mentalidade de Órfão

(Portuguese Edition)

Foot Tracks on Sand

- Reviews -

This book was one of the most important books I've read. It shined a light in places of my heart that needed to be healed. I can't think of one person who wouldn't gain from reading it. I highly recommend this book.

- Judy Hanson 

This is the type of book you grab a highlighter to highlight the important parts and by the end there is more highlighted than not highlighted. The real stories of orphans and the comparison to Christians is mind blowing and so true. Highly recommend .

 - Harmony Wilson

Ms Pierson does an excellent service to The Body of Christ through this book in at least two ways:

1) By candidly exposing the enemy’s tactics to keep us trapped in lies about who we are in Christ, our identity according to Who He Is and His Word; 2) Providing understanding that will facilitate compassion toward others and aid us leading others to the Freedom that is theirs in Christ.

It’s a simple and great revelation, profound to humankind. Read it. For yourself. For others.

- S.M.

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